Naming software

Fri 2008-11-07 23:05 (BaggageHandlingAtHeathrow)

(Thanks to UPi for contributing to this article.)

Software developers these days are really having trouble naming their products. They come up with these short, meaningless and cryptic names which sound cool and original (and the .com domain for them was still available), but I have bad news for you: pulling a random sequence of characters out of your ass is not original.

Imagine seeing the following names for the first time, knowing that they are names of software products. Could you guess the purpose of those software? Go ahead and try to pair the entries in the two columns, some of these must be new.

Names Purposes
Gimp Screen reader and magnifier
Trillian User-edited directory website
Kate Internet telephony
Fring Photo sharing website
Tomboy Blog website
Skype Sticky desktop notes
Orca Instant messaging client
Audacity Web browser
Firefox Image manipulation program
Flickr Document scanner
Opera Instant messaging client
Twitter Text editor
Sane Audio editor
Yelp Web browser
iWiW Social networking website

Now one might say, well, what are they supposed to do, name them after persons, organizations and events of historical importance, like people do with streets and other public places?


For example:

That’d make much more sense.