Day 0: Fortune cookie

Fri 2008-02-15 23:00 (SF, photo)

Jake came up with an awesome idea: let’s go to Las Vegas for the three day weekend. After some planning, we settled on San Francisco instead of Vegas, four instead of three days, and driving instead of flying, so that we can see stuff on the road.

We left Friday evening after work. First stop was a chineese fast food restaurant somewhere in Washington. They give you a fortune cookie with your meal, which caused some discussion about whether those fortunes are accurate for the person who receives them, or they are just generic wisdoms. I of course argued for the latter, and then we had an informal bet whether my fortune will be specific and accurate for me. I opened the cookie, only to find that there’s nothing in it… I guess there’s no fortune for non-believers.

After cca 7 hours of driving, we arrived to Grants Pass, Oregon around 2:30 am, and spent the night in a hotel.